FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

If you have questions about our software, you can get answers here. At LimoStack, customer satisfaction is our priority. In case you don’t find the specific information you’re looking for in the FAQ, don’t worry; we’ve got you covered. Our dedicated team is ready to assist you further and address any concerns you may have. Simply reach out to us via our contact form and get in touch with us at any time – we’re here to help!

We aimed to create a significantly improved platform compared to LimoAnywhere, addressing the complaints from limousine service providers about its outdated interface and slow loading times, especially concerning the user experience with the booking widget. While LimoAnywhere has some great in-house management features, businesses often lose reservations due to issues with the booking widget. LimoStack, on the other hand, has been meticulously designed using advanced programming frameworks. It boasts a simple, smart, and user-friendly interface, and most importantly, it offers lightning-fast performance.

Yes, we offer a driver app that is available for download on both the Apple Store and Android Play Store. Third-party companies can easily download the app and become users within the LimoStack system. As an admin, you can then assign reservations to these third-party drivers, and the entire process is synchronized with text messages and email notifications, ensuring efficient communication.

Absolutely! We have developed a professional driver app catering to your chauffeurs, as well as third-party companies that provide rides on your behalf (Affiliates).

Yes, our system automatically sends text messages to customers based on various actions. For instance, when a customer makes a reservation, they receive a text message containing the reservation details. Subsequently, they receive messages when the admin charges their card, when the driver is dispatched, when the driver reaches the pickup location, and when the trip is completed.

Currently, we do not provide real-time flight tracking. However, when customers enter an airport as their pickup location, the system prompts them to input the airline name and flight number.

Certainly! If your website operates on WordPress, we offer a WP plugin that seamlessly connects LimoStack with your site. You can display the booking widget on any page or post using a simple shortcode. If you’re not on WordPress, you can easily integrate LimoStack using a straightforward JavaScript code snippet. To enable payments on your website, you’ll need to add your Stripe keys, and our dedicated manager will assist you in configuring your domain emails and handling all the necessary settings.

Currently, we exclusively utilize Stripe Payments as the payment gateway. This enables you to handle transactions, and refunds, and add additional cards for your customers, all from the LimoStack Dashboard.